AT&T Evolution

Furry creatures and shiny worlds surround a brand new line of Windows 7 Phones in this vibrant campaign conceived by BBDO and PandaPanther. AT&T Evolution is a step toward casting a friendlier light on the world of cellphone advertising. The spots involved extensive use of high tech 3D tools to create dynamic grass, reflectivity, and soft furry pelts. There was no actual shampoo or conditioner used in the process, everything was created in the box using a render farm and highly skilled artists to bring each detail to life. The design and conceptualizing phase was a lengthy and interactive process between artists at PandaPanther and the team at BBDO. We truly began to understand the characters personalities as they were brought to life in motion. Out of the pack, some have emerged as the favorite stars of the campaign. Stay tuned for more sequels to come in the future!